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Product Authenticity

BATi’s natural stone products are marked with BATi logo. It is made with a special technique, carves the stone material directly and leaves only the brand logo on the finished polished material. All BATI’s stone products only use 1 size and 1 type of letter characters and processed only in one method. This brand logo is to certify the original production of BATI BALI. Warranty valid only for products with brand logo marked.

Engraved unique-code on the stone is provided on the base side in each piece. The code is unique to support data base for each piece. It is needed to prove the originality of the product, especially if claim may appeared. 


This certificate is to ensure end-user will receive product information,  limited warranty protection and maintenance guidance, directly sent from BATI-BALI customer service and  care.  It will be effective once the end user register the unique code - crafted in each product - in the internet and receive registration code.