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Limited Warranty


This warranty is provided limited in term of workmanship and production quality and natural stone cracking which is very obvious under quick observation And is limited on product only. BATi is not responsible for the cost of removal, transport return and/or reinstallation or any consequential damages as a result of any defective product. This warranty is the only warranty made by BATI. Repair, replacement or other appropriate adjustment as provided under the warranty shall be the exclusive remedy available the original purchaser. Replacement may comes in a product of equal or similar appearance. The warranty validity is 18 months from BATi ship date to each distributor. The ship date is written in each product box indentification sticker. The warranty expired date is written in the warranty card in each boxes.

Improper installation, care and maintenance of the product or damage from excessive heat will void this warranty In no event will BATi’s responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product.