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Care And Maintenance

The characteristics of natural stones are the presence of various veins, colours, shades on the same plan, as well as micro-cracks and small-holes. They are part of naturalness of the product, not a defect. At the final stages of fabrication, BATi products will go through complete procedures of control, such as mixing a proper color resin with residues to refine the small-holes or micro-cracks. These colors have to be approved from time to time, to maintain the characteristic of high quality products while maintaining the nature of the stone.

Because our products are artisan realizations made of natural stones, it’s very likely that there are nuance of shades as well as various weight and dimension between pieces Each piece of stone is unique and will slightly different in look and colour. Display items are a representation of the final products - and can be varied in shading and veining from time to time. The natural looks of the stone from last year material sourcing will slightly changed in the colour, veins, texture and appearance. The colours illustrated in website and/or catalogue should be used as a reference only, not as final expectation.

All BATi products have gone through treatments that are safe for natural stones. All products are impregnated with pH balance type of chemicals for natural stone. It is made for natural stone to ensure waterproof and anti calcareous. It has to be applied periodically depend on the usage habit and situation. BATi recommend strongly the usage of the following products for daily and periodically maintenance.

Stone cleaner product which is ideal for daily cleaning for natural stone surface, with the following selection guidance:

  • Find solution with contain Ph balanced - 7.0 and waterbase.
  • Safe without harming the natural crystalline structure of the stone (marble and granite contain crystalline structure that produce the natural shine by itself after polishing)
  • Not contain abrasive acid (it will damage the stone structure slowly in no less than few month)
  • Contain non-ionic surfactants and cationic surfactants

Stone Cleaner is a product to treat efflorescence. Efflorescence is a result when excessive water penetrate
the stone, the water dissolve some of the salt minerals inside them. When the stone dries, the water
evaporate and carry the salts to the surface. Cleaning with water alone will not bring the white powder
away. These powders will eventually stain the marble and look blur and moldy.

Use sealer to improve surfaces so that the natural stone products breathable, protected against water absorption by reducing the size of the pores (repel water and oil) and preventive against contamination and accumulations. With the following guidance:

  • Recommended to re-seal every three months on regular used for basin and shower tray
  • Recommended to re-seal every month for bath tub in the commercial building such as hotel and spa
  • Read the instruction of sealer application properly to get the right result

DO and DON'T

  • Do proper cleaning.
  • Do remove grease and dirt after usage.
  • Do reseal regularly because ordinary use inevitably create abrasion on the sealer.
  • Don’t place products outdoors under direct sunlight and rain.
  • Don’t place marble products in a very humid area without proper ventilation; it will make fungus grows in the natural stone, which is not daily well cared.

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