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Marina Pandunata

“My objective is to integrate the spirit of Balinese traditional river bathing with Onsen - the japanese bathing experience - the fusion of both concepts into a luxurious private outdoor or semi outdoor bathroom - a rendition of a resort and spa experience for your own home.”

Marina studied Interior Design at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California, and started her design and production of teak furniture in 1989. In 1996, she started to design using natural stone materials and soon, BATI BALI was born.

Marina lives and works between Ubud-Bali and Surabaya-Java. Ubud has inspired her journey of creatively combining stone and water. Her approach to design is one with respect towards Zen Living, as well as materials and textures created by nature. Hence, the direction of her works is inspired by the natural surroundings of where she lives.

A Tribute to the Land of Campuhan

My dearest one, early this morning I decided to take a walk down the same path I took 18 years ago, in 1998. It was on that fateful day, where BATI BALI was born.

I fondly recall the tender warmth in my heart, and the newfound love I had then felt for this place I decided to call my new home, where up till this very day I still belong to… and like it was just yesterday, my steadfast feelings remain unwavering, unchanged.

In the year 1999, I started to work on our signature freestanding piece, RAJA. It was only upon its completion, when the name “BATI BALI” was conceptually conceived. Today, as I walked with the younger me, our hearts were beating as one, and a warm feeling of peace and joy was overwhelming within us.

But at this time I cry.

Gentle as a whisper upon my ears it was then when I realised, that I needed to move on. For I saw in that moment – that another beautiful journey in life awaited me.

And as the river catches my tears… it unites with my heart as one. I gently threw a yellow frangipani into the sacred river I once swam in for the first time 18 years ago, where I dipped my head under the water in reverence, right after I had decided to move to this beautiful place by the river – River Campuhan.

Now here I am, for I have returned to send my gratitude to the land that once warmly welcomed me with arms open and stayed with me right till the end.

Here I am... thankful to Campuhan, the land of BATI BALI.